About Us

          We have been attending toy Soldier shows and Wargaming conventions since 2000. We are now celebrating our 17th year and we thank all of you who helped us grow into a friendly and successful hobby business along the way. Our goal is to offer you the widest range of toy soldiers and hobby items at the most competitive prices. I have been around toy soldiers, model kits and gaming my entire life. I also have been collecting toy soldiers, building models and dioramas and playing wargames for many years. I started out with a 1/72 scale box of Japanese infantry with the great box art and a Roco 2/.5 ton as a young boy. This grew into a great passion for toy soldiers and military history. It also lead to me serving 22 years in the regular Army. I look forward to seeing our customers at conventions and shows and at our shop. I also enjoy the interesting conversations about what your building/collecting and what you found at flea markets and toy shows while "on the hunt". Look forward to seeing you at the shop, shows and conventions. Keep collecting !