Hello everyone,                                                                                                  5/21/17

           Here is the first entry in our blog. Would like to let everyone know we are pre-paring for the upcoming HMGS convention known as "Historicon" the largest of the three conventions sponsored by HMGS. This event is held in Fredericksberg Virginia and is a four day event Thursday-Sunday. It is held the second week of July in a wonderful Facility with huge amounts of space. We are starting to receive pre-orders already and remember, all pre-orders picked up at the show receive a 10% discount off regular prices. For dates and times click on our shows/convention link for more information.

         Would like to share with everyone a big release of new molds coming from Strelets.

New molds for 1/72 American Civil War, WWI, WWII and the ancients. Well here goes:

M120 Imperial Japanese Army Paratroopers

M121 Imperial Japanese Army Heavy Weapons

M124 Roman Auxiiaries Ranks

M125 Roman Auxiliaries on the March

074 Austro-Hungarian Honved cavalry

147 Confederates on the March "Gettysburg"

148 Pickets Charge #1 "Gettysburg"

149 U.S. Infantry on the March (American Civil War)

150 U.S. Infantry in Attack (American Civil War)

151 U.S. Cavalry Gettysburg

These will be on the New releases table in front of our booth. Pre-orders accepted, 13.00 a box. 

See you on the next post!